IoT Security Threats

IoT Security Threats

IoT is an incredible technology that will enable further economical and technological progress. Unfortunately, as is the case for all fast-growing new tech, it can be hard to properly manage the security aspect of IoT. Here are four threats to IoT security to look out for. Inherent Threats IoT devices are insecure by nature. Being…

MQTT V.5.0 Support

MQTT v 5.0 Support

Waterstream version 1.3.0 introduces MQTT version 5.0 support, alongside multiple improvements – including better metadata, easier debugging, more lightweight communication, scaling out reads capability, and much more. Let’s take a look what Waterstream users can gain from switching to MQTT version 5.0: Message properties Somewhat similar to HTTP headers, message properties contain metadata, such as…

MQTT Bridge mode

We are proud to announce that Waterstream version 1.3.0 brings support of the bridge mode. A flexible way to utilize an existing MQTT data source for testing and data ingesting in Kafka. With the bridge you can establish a bidirectional or unidirectional connection between Waterstream and another MQTT broker and get your messages replicated between…

Waterstream now supports ARM

We’re happy to announce that starting from version 1.0.17 Waterstream also provides an ARM-compatible Docker image. Use simplematter/waterstream-kafka-arm64v8-minified image if you want to run it on ARM CPU (such as AWS a1 series instance), simplematter/waterstream-kafka-minified – on traditional x86 CPU. See the quickstart guide: .