Most frequent questions and answers

Waterstream is not a source neither a sink connector. Watestream is more like a MQTT proxy for Kafka, thus it does not require to Kafka connect to work.

Confluent MQTT Proxy is similar to Waterstream. But unlike MQTT Proxy, Waterstream supports bidirectional communication and persists MQTT session. 

Compared to the MQTT Kafka connector, Waterstream allows simpler architectures. It doesn’t need a separately deployed, external MQTT broker because Waterstream itself its a MQTT broker that uses Kafka as persistence layer.

No, it can run with the standard Apache Kafka starting from version 0.10

That means that Confluent engineers assessed that Waterstream can operate together with the Confluent platform and meets standard quality and functionality requirements.

Waterstream is released under commercial release. Contact us to know more.

No, it’s not opensource but we have other opensource projects, check simplematter.io.

It’s not in our near future plans at the moment.

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