Waterstream and Confluent: Seamless Integration of Kafka and MQTT

While Apache Kafka and MQTT are widely adopted technologies, the integration between the two has not been extensively explored until now. Waterstream bridges this gap by serving as an MQTT broker built on top of Kafka. This unique combination provides a robust, easily configurable, and scalable MQTT broker, opening up new possibilities for streamlined data communication between sensors and the Kafka Ecosystem.

Waterstream’s integration with Kafka brings more than just a reliable MQTT broker. It unlocks innovative scenarios, such as enabling WebSockets from and to Kafka. Or empowering MQTT clients to function like Kafka clients using Waterstream’s MQTT Replay functionality that allows them to retrieve past messages. This blending of technologies expands the boundaries of data connectivity and enhances data processing capabilities.

Confluent, the leading company behind the ever-expanding¬† Kafka Ecosystem, was a natural choice for a partnership. Their expertise in providing the Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud perfectly complements Waterstream’s capabilities. Together, we are committed to simplifying the integration of Kafka and MQTT technologies, empowering businesses with seamless data connectivity.

In 2020, Waterstream became a proud Technology Partner of Confluent. Extensive testing has been conducted to validate Waterstream’s ability to scale to millions of connected MQTT clients, writing data into Kafka. To learn more about this scalability achievement, refer to the co-authored blog post: IoT Streaming Use Cases with Kafka, MQTT, Confluent, and Waterstream.

Over the years, Waterstream has evolved to bring its offerings to the cloud with Waterstream Cloud. This new cloud-based platform enables organizations to leverage the power of Waterstream’s MQTT broker and Kafka integration effortlessly. It perfectly complements Confluent Cloud, allowing customers to seamlessly utilize both technologies in their data integration workflows.

As part of their ongoing partnership, Waterstream and Confluent are continuously working together to enhance the integration of their products, making it even easier for businesses to implement IoT use cases. The two companies are dedicated to refining the seamless connectivity between Kafka and MQTT, ensuring that organizations can effortlessly leverage the combined power of the respective technologies for their data integration needs.

About Confluent

Confluent is a leading provider of streaming platforms based on Apache Kafka. Confluent Cloud offers an open-source technology that acts as a real-time, fault-tolerant, and highly scalable messaging system, enabling companies to move data from isolated systems into a real-time data pipeline where they can act on it immediately. With a strong focus on simplicity, reliability, and scalability, Confluent has become a trusted name in the world of data integration and event streaming.