Fleet Demo

This demo shows a simulation of thousands of trucks driving around Italy and sending primary data about their route. Besides collecting the information, the demo uses ksqlDB to process instantaneously real-time data with simple SQL statements.

Waterstream reads aggregated data from Kafka and returns it to the demo using Websockets to provide real-time updates.

Bridge mode

Waterstream includes the Bridge mode that connects Waterstream to another MQTT broker and exchanges messages between them, appearing as a single distributed broker. This functionality finds its application, especially in gradually migrating the communication to Waterstream (and Kafka) from an existing broker.

This demo shows how Waterstream to connect to the Lufthansa Open API notification service and straightforward build a dashboard on incoming notifications

Taxi Demo

In this demo, Waterstream leverages Redpanda as a streaming platform. The simulation shows taxis belonging to different companies moving around New York, carrying passengers from one place to the other.

Waterstream collects trip data on Redpanda. Materialize process such information to aggregate it by companies and provides data to Metabase for real-time visualization.

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