Scale and simplify your IoT

Waterstream turns your Kafka-compatible platform into a full-fledged MQTT broker. Connect millions of clients to your data streaming platform with no code, no integration pipelines, and no additional storage.


IoT and streaming, a match made in Waterstream

Waterstream is an MQTT broker that uses Kafka as its own and only storage and distribution engine, combining the most popular IoT protocol with the standard de-facto streaming API.

Incredibly simple

Waterstream implements a bidirectional layer between Kafka and MQTT clients. Forget managing external MQTT clusters, integration pipelines to code, and data duplication.

Connect millions of clients

Waterstream scales out linearly. For most operations, its nodes don’t depend on each other. Add more instances to support an increasing number of clients.

Works with your Kafka cluster

Waterstream requires only Kafka to operate. The built-in persistence benefits of using Kafka are all included: high availability, high throughput, and low latency.

Runs everywhere

Waterstream runs at the edge, on-premise, and in the cloud. 

It is built to satisfy any scenario, from the smallest to the more structured hub and spoke.

Use the Kafka platform you like

Waterstream can work with any Kafka-compatible platform of your choice like Apache Kafka, Confluent Cloud and Redpanda.

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